Monday, May 9, 2011

So I kind of sort of scheduled hip surgery.

I called the Madison OS to get his opinion and talked to his nursing staff.  A very nice lady named Nikki called me back two days later and said we could go ahead and schedule surgery.  Well, that's his opinion then!  Which, I'm not gonna lie, is totally fine with me.  I'm super glad to skip the whole faint-inducing horror that is an intra-articular hip joint injection.  Gross.

June 20th.  Oh yes my friend.

In other not-so-fantastic news,work is a little painful lately.  So many projects got pushed and they're all finishing at once and I have to do it all.  Booo stress!  Yay overtime money! Boooo having to work on Mother's day!

Sunday was still a pretty successful day.  Spent lots of time with my mom.  Hung out with my crazy sister who has crazy dramatic relationships and actually had a lot of fun.  We played hearts and I was thisclose to running them.  Then my uncle nailed me with a king o' hearts.  Jerk.

Today, I paid off my credit card and am so close to paying off my car I can taste it!  It tastes like oil and grime, but I like it anyway. 

Due to the aformentioned paying off, I am having to convince myself over and over not to buy another purse.  I have something of a ... collection of Harveys.  I love them.  See my latest obsession?  Cute right?  Try to tell me not to buy it.  And I'll try to listen.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My sister snores.  Like SUPER LOUD!  And my poor niece had a cold, so she would just burst into tears and was generally a very unhappy baby.  Who needs sleep anyway?

Oh well, the Mayo appt was kind of a let down.  The OS there just told me the same thing the guy in Madison told me.  Except this guy told me to lose weight.  Ass.  Why do people assume I'm a fatty-fat-fatty?  I'm freaking strong!  Also, while I wouldn't mind losing, oh, 30 pounds.  I'm not going to put that much effort into it.  Thanks.

Mayo guy pushed the scope surgery and wrote a prescription for a steroid shot.  Then told me it was up to me what I did.  Oh goody.  When I got home I called immediately to ask the Madison OS's opinion.  I got a call back a yesterday telling me I was approved to schedule scope surgery.  So that's his opinion!

I'm excited something is going to get done.  I'm super glad I don't have to do the steroid shot, cause I passed the f out when they injected contrast into my hip for the mri.  That was not fun.  I'm a little bummed I'm not doing the big surgery, but only because I do not except this to fix the pain.  Due to it not being that bad of a tear, I'm assuming that the torn cartilage is a recent thing.  Maybe that's a false assumption, but whatever, I'm not a doctor.  And with the dysplasia I could very easily tear it again or just continue having hip pain.  And then have to have the big surgery anyway.

Happier things!  I'm in love with Mumford & Sons!  May they play on forever!