Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If I were to name 3 things that I dislike about my hip surgery, they would be:

1) Slow recovery time.  It's easy to forget your body is slow and healing, so you do stupid things like try to shower and then faint nekkid in the bathroom.  So you compensate a little.  And then your body is just slow and you can't tell if it's because it's healing or if you got really, really lazy and out of shape while you were recovery.

2) Missing physical acitivies.  Yoga most of all.  But that's probably because I quit it sooner so that I could make room in my schedule for softball.  I also miss softball.  And my second softball team, where I'm not in charge and have to organize everyone even if my hands are shaking and I'm nauseous because I had hip surgery 4 days earlier.  I was sorta pushed into playing in my team's softball game last week because we were a lady short and I hated the idea of forfeiting.  And boy howdy, did that piss me off.  Rage was spewing out all day because I was forced into it and I wasn't ready.  Was not ready.  But thankfully, I feel a little more ready this week because we're a lady short again!  So I have to play!

3)  Random twinges of pain.  But this is healing.  I'm also sorta numb in spots on my thigh.  I do fear tearing shit up again and having to do it again.  Then again, if that happens, we're talking a different surgery completely.

Now, three things I like about the hip surgery.

1) Less pain.  Not nearly the same amount of intense and awful groin pain after walking.  I've decided the burning sort of pain was from the flap of cartilage that was stuck in the hip socket slowly being torn even more and more.  And really, that's probably what it was.

2) Less pain.  Radomn twinges of pain? Doable.

3) Less pain.  Burning pain? Gone.

Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My sister (let's just name her Gretel), whom had previously messed up her knee, messed up her knee again last night.  It's a lot worse this time.  She should have gone and gotten an mri the first time, but didn't want to pay for it.  Now it's incredibly painful and she doesn't have any help chasing her kid around during the day.  She's calling an orthopedic fella this morning.

It's my birthday tomorrow.  I've taken tomorrow afternoon off, but will probably spend it with my sister and niece.  We were supposed to go eat sushi and then pool party!  Now it sorta depends on Gretel's pain level.  Right now it's super high!  I was sort of late to the game of planning but that doesn't seem to matter now.

I'm not trying to sound emo, but I never have very high expectations on my birthday.  And no matter how fun the day is, I'm always a little sad.  I have no problem with the age thing, I'm pretty happy with how my life is going... But I just feel a little sad and act slightly more reserved.  Gosh this does sound emo.  Let me assure you I'm very capable of shrugging it off.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I love having crazy dreams.

Gentleman Caller has a friend who recently was married to a person whose personality I, um, conflict with.  Negative Nancy and her opinions of your life would cause conflict with you too I'm sure.  My dream last night made me into one of her bridesmaids.  And while I wasn't happy about catering to her demands, I was pumped to wear an ice blue dress.  Ice blue makes everything worth it.  All the ladies and gents were supposed to be there two hours early, I was an hour later and then I left!  I went home to play video games with GC and a friend.  So when I noticed the time, I sped the whole way there and got there 12 minutes after the ceremony started.  Nancy had two people outside the ceremony room who told me that if she ever saw me again, she would punch me in the face.  In the face!

I would only be too happy to never see her again.

In other news, Harry Potter midnight show tonight!  I'm going to let my enthuastic (read: dorky) nature shine through tonight and dress up.  It's not that I'm in love with Potter, I like it just fine but I just want to dress up for the fun of it.  We're talkin pleated skirt, knee socks, HP shirt and track jacket.  Obvs I'm going with friends and family, they're pretty much down with the dorky.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ohmygosh! Someone take my credit card from me!

I have gone on a spree today.  Maurice's had some stuff on sale (new dress-check, new cardis-check), I bought Gentleman Caller a birthday present (it was on sale!) and, oh yeah, a plane ticket to Denver.

This is on top of the four new shirts on Friday, anniversary present for Gentleman Caller and more Envirosax that were just toooo cute. 

Plus I'm covering all of rent this month.  Ugh.  That hurt.

But hey, GC and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary yesterday.  I had a post op doctor's appointment in Madison.  The big plan was to do the appointment (stitches out!), get dinner at my fav restaurant (Biaggi's) and come home for softball (not me, him).

Turns out when you eat at 1:00, you're not really all that hungry at 3:30.  We chatted about things to do and someone threw out going to Olbrich Gardens.  So beautiful!  It was lovely to walk around and he even held my hand once in awhile!!  GC is not big on pda and holding hands counts and yes it does suck, you are correct.  It was a really relaxing and just a plain ol' nice time.

Besides the fact that I was hanging out with my favorite person, I was so happy to be walking.  I'm 12 days post surgery and I barely limp.  I haven't pushed it because I am still healing, but Olbrich isn't small.  We walked most of it and I was just getting tired when we were back at the beginning.  But nothing hurt!  Which is freaking awesome.