Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surgery was a success.  Well, insomuch as my surgeon went in there, cleaned it out, stitched me up and shoved me outta there.

Recovery... well I always underestimate how long recovery takes.

I tend to forgot how much my body dislikes being messed me.  So Monday when I was finally able to take a shower, it was a disaster.

To begin with, I had probably been walking around too much in the morning.  Gentleman Caller has been a GREAT help, but he works at night and sleeps alllllll morning.  I was left to myself on Monday morning and while it was ok, I maybe decided to move around toooo much.  And eat crappy food.

When it came time for the actual shower (SHOWER!!!) I was really excited!  I jumped (figuratively) in!  The second water hit my head, I knew it was a mistake.  But my curly hair was now wet and needed to go through the works in order to forgive me for daring to get it wet.  I managed to shampoo and get conditioner in, before I sat down in the tub and turned off the water.  I soaped up since I wasn't doing anything else.  And waited.  And got impatient.  I stood up, decided to just get it done with and get out.  I rinsed everything off, hurried to wrap myself in a towel, sat on the lidded toilet and fainted.

Fainted!  Like a delicate flower wilting after being exposed to too much sun.

Thankfully, I had insisted Gentleman Caller be in the area.  He says he caught me as I was tilting to the side, accidently kneed me in the hip which cause me to spasm or something and then wake up.  I basically ran into the bedroom and hung out on the bed for the next half hour.  GC was really sweet and helped me with my lotion, getting dressed and just hung out with me while I calmed the eff down.

It sucked.

So last night I showered with a shower chair.  And I could felt, physically, that if I didn't have that awesome blessing of a chair, it would have happened again. 

What is with my shower?  It wants to DESTROY me!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I. Am. Bummed.

Disappointed would be too strong.  But I'm not exactly happy.  None of my family is available to drive me to surgery on Friday.  Gentleman Caller could, but would prolly kill us while driving due to lack of sleep.

So I'm sitting in my office tearing up a little.  Which is kind of silly, I realize.  But I've not had surgery before and don't know what to expect when I wake up.  I feel like I'm begging a ride from a friend, even tho several people offered.  Sincerely too. 

With family, you don't have to guard what you say or worry about what they think.  It's your family.

Who doesn't want their family with them when they're down and out?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh so very sleepy.  My sleep schedule has been off for over a week and this weekend didn't help things.

Friday went by pretty easily, minus the 5 minutes before 5:00 that my supervisor freaked out.  Such a treat to begin two days off.  I'm not going to lie, Gentleman Caller may have taken some attitude when I got home because of it.  Also because he's annoying when I'm trying to clean, but details...

Miss Candy wanted to go roller skating.  It is so damn HOT in the rink, both of us were dripping sweat by the end of the hour.

I had a wedding reception to go to on Saturday night.  There were also cupcakes to bake for Father's Day, more cleaning to be done and I wanted to fix my nails (black shattered left on for far too long).  However, my oldest sister needed help finding a dress for the wedding, so I spent a fair amount of time driving around with her.  She ended up not even wearing it that night.  I wasn't left me with much time after that, so I chose cupcakes over fixing my nails.  I hope my dad knows how much I love him.

The wedding reception was fun.  Apparently there was fighting and sad feelings I didn't know about going on with my sisters.  But whatevs, I made a new friend and had a blast.

Father's day was nice.  Simple.  We had a grilled turkey, sweet potatoes and fruit salad.  So yummy!  Apparently I was the only one to get my dad an actual unwrappable present, which was sad.  I'm sure they're going to get him something at some point.  I got him a bike seat.  Not the most exciting gift out there, but hopefully it will make riding more comfortable.

Hope y'all had a most enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Low quality tears.  I feel I could make a joke about that.  Don't worry, it's ok to make me cry, they aren't high quality.  Really though, wearing glasses sucks.  Everything is framed and I am kept seperate from life.  I feel like I'm viewing everything through a window and I tend to space out more because of it.

Maybe it's because I'm so tired.  I haven't had a night to relax at home in .... um ... a long time.  That was the plan tonight, but my sister wants to hang out.  And she's so busy and tired and dramatic all the time so I don't get to actually see her a lot.  I'm still deciding.

I pulled my quad again.  There wasn't very much time to warm up, so I just threw a ball around... Completely forgetting that my arm is usually fine (it's not like a first baseman throws the ball a lot) and that it's my legs that are usually effed up.  Ah well.  Plenty of time to heal when I'm sugeratized.

Monday, June 13, 2011

So I bought a new purse.  It is an addiction.  But a super cute one!

I did the derby 101 session again this weekend.  Sweaty!!!  Nasty sweaty that makes my sports bra (that isn't exactly new) bleed it's dye onto my tank top.  What?  Caustic.  I had a lot of fun and while I might not have chatted the derby veterans up, I did at least talk to them.  Which is a lot to ask of someone exhausted from skating in circles for two hours.

The plan is to buy new skates this summer.  A friend who is equally excited about derby and I are going to go to a shop in Mad.  I'm not going to lie- super excited.  I feel like I could have done better at the derby 101 if I were able to move my ankles.

I'm reading The Horse Whisperer.  Mostly it makes me want to add "er" to words that already end in "er".  It looks shadierer over there.  The picture that is greenerer looks better.

Friday, June 10, 2011

And I'm back.

Writing regularly is a challenge for me.  Who cares what I have to say?  The answer: Me.  I posted daily for several years on my old blog.  And I love, love, love going back and reading it.  So I need to remember to write here if only so I can one day look back and think "another boring day at the office".

A few fun things happened.  Softball started.  First week: we lost.  And I sprained my foot.  Second week: we won! And I pulled my quad, like, super bad.  Third week (this last Tuesday): we won!!  And nothing hurt, if you don't include the quad swelling up just a little bit.

I even started playing in my second team this week.  At first I thought they were going to ask me not to play, but instead was asked to play first base because the captain or whatever wasn't going to make it this week.  I had a really nice stretch, so nice that it pulled an outfield's groin just to watch it.  That team is super casual and everyone is at least a solid average player.  Plus, I'm not in charge so I don't have ten people asking me the same questions over and over again.  It's a nice time.

Another fun thing, I went to a derby 101 class/session.  It was sooooo challenging!  I went on a Sunday, after I pulled my quad on the previous Tuesday.  That was sore, but only getting up/kneeling down (which happened a lot).  Since I won't be able to actually try out this year, I stopped about halfway through.  That was hard, but I knew that injury-wise it was the best decision.  If skating every day were an option, I would do it.  Skating would be my cardio. 

If I had a cardio.

A friend wants me to go again this weekend.  I'm going to have to think about it tho, because having softball on Tues & Thur is going to make healing my quad difficult.  I haven't sprinted in awhile, just jogged/slow run.  I'm working on squats for strength and stretching the heck outta it. 

OH MY GOSH!  If you are an athelete or just active or just like stretching get one of these.  It's amazing.  And has lead to me being able to slow run on a super pulled quad.

One last thought.  Weather, you suck.  100 degrees for three days and then suddenly 50?  WTF?