Monday, August 8, 2011

It was a busy fun weekend.  And now I'm back to work... Le sigh.

We had a pretty big party at work on Friday.  It wasn't as crazy as it usually gets but there was wapatui, a dumpster pool and a homemade waterslide propped up on a forklift.  It's just how we roll.

On Saturday I helped at roller derby.  While I was a little freaked out about messing something up, it was pretty awesome.  Another lady and myself had the line up duty.  Basically, we had to write down the numbers of the people in the jam and mark their penalties.  It was pretty easy, but hectic!  The chick I was with was really cool and EVERYONE was really nice.  Even if some people didn't wear deodorant.  Hippie.  I think it's something I'd like to help with, but I feel like if I do mess up I'm going to go all emo and freak out.  Well, I'd have to go to an interview anyway.  So I can chat with them about it.

Saturday night, Gentleman Caller and I went on a date!  A date!  I was crabbyish and he was so goshdarn annoying.  And on purpose!  Which makes it more annoying!  But it was still a good night out with him.  Pizza at a local place and a movie.  Something about monkeys.  Franco out.

Sunday was nice.  I did laundry at the 'rent's.  Got to go swimming and play with my niece.  Did nothing.  Was perfect.

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