Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If I were to name 3 things that I dislike about my hip surgery, they would be:

1) Slow recovery time.  It's easy to forget your body is slow and healing, so you do stupid things like try to shower and then faint nekkid in the bathroom.  So you compensate a little.  And then your body is just slow and you can't tell if it's because it's healing or if you got really, really lazy and out of shape while you were recovery.

2) Missing physical acitivies.  Yoga most of all.  But that's probably because I quit it sooner so that I could make room in my schedule for softball.  I also miss softball.  And my second softball team, where I'm not in charge and have to organize everyone even if my hands are shaking and I'm nauseous because I had hip surgery 4 days earlier.  I was sorta pushed into playing in my team's softball game last week because we were a lady short and I hated the idea of forfeiting.  And boy howdy, did that piss me off.  Rage was spewing out all day because I was forced into it and I wasn't ready.  Was not ready.  But thankfully, I feel a little more ready this week because we're a lady short again!  So I have to play!

3)  Random twinges of pain.  But this is healing.  I'm also sorta numb in spots on my thigh.  I do fear tearing shit up again and having to do it again.  Then again, if that happens, we're talking a different surgery completely.

Now, three things I like about the hip surgery.

1) Less pain.  Not nearly the same amount of intense and awful groin pain after walking.  I've decided the burning sort of pain was from the flap of cartilage that was stuck in the hip socket slowly being torn even more and more.  And really, that's probably what it was.

2) Less pain.  Radomn twinges of pain? Doable.

3) Less pain.  Burning pain? Gone.

Happy Birthday to me.

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