Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whoa Blogger, slow down now. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things.

So I'm doing an at home sales party without the party.  Frequently known as the "catalog party".  Ugh.  They're worse.  Because then YOU (meaning ME) have to do all the work selling.  And while I like this particular catalog, I don't want to sell it.  I think some of the crap is a rip off, but if someone else buys it - I could get it FOR FREE!  The free-ness motivates me.

My favorite purse company is having a Halloween competition.  Basically, you take one of their purses and make it into a halloween purse.  I spent most of last night on my first couple of attempts.  I think I have it mostly worked out tho, so I'll swing by the dollar store for some props.

I'm planning on making flash cards of the derby stuff I have to learn.  Overacheiver much?  Eh, it'll help.  And this way I'll have it down pat by the time I REALLY need to know it. 

[Pause for sudden need to create flashcard sized cardstock].

My mother and I spent Sunday sewing (and swearing in my case) a skirt for my halloween costume. I'm going to be a referee.  Not as fun as some of my other costumes in the past, but still cool.  I mean, I get a whistle!  And flags!  Which I still need to make... I'm excited for the flags.  A coworker is letting me use some bouncy balls that light up when they bouce.  So yay fun accessories!

Holy craft time Batman!

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