Monday, October 17, 2011

So I need to make this part of the routine.  And figure out how I want to talk about stuff.  That will make posting easier and probably more frequent.  Until then, let's catch up!

My hip has healed pretty well.  I can do a lot of walking and not feel the same burning tearing pain that was there before.  Gentleman Caller and I have been walking in the morning and I think it's helping.  It does still get sore, but I just rest it a little and it's usually fine.

The end of softball season rocked.  My team took third in our league's tournament, which is the BEST we've ever done.  I was asked to play in several weekend tournaments.  The first one was awful.  I was playing with a pretty terrible team, but I didn't know any better.  The second one was an improvement, but we still lost big time.  And the last one was so awesome.  So so awesome.  We didn't place or anything, but it was a pretty harmonious team and I played like a rockstar.  We're talking diving catches, massive scoops and insane stretches.  It was sweet.

My sister Gretel did tear her ACL and meniscus.  It's been pretty awful to watch.  She's a single mother and has no income because she can't do her job sitting.  Naturally, my family is doing everything they can.  And oddly enough, her daughter's father has stepped up some.  She's started pt and is almost off crutches, after almost three months of being on them.

I've started volunterring with derby.  So far, I have no idea what that really entails.  I will be officiating during bouts (keeping track of penalties, lineups and jam times) and doing some work with the public relations committee.  Wish me luck.

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