Friday, December 9, 2011

I am so damn sad today.  And it sucks because I was stupid happy just yesterday.  So I'm sad because things were going so well and then they went to crap.

Gentleman Caller and I have been doing really, REALLY great.  A couple days ago we decorated the Christmas tree and we listened to holidays songs while doing so.  It was so awesome.  Plus he bought me a present early enough that he had to wrap it and put it under the tree.  I don't think that has ever happened.  It was super cool.

And then last night we got into a huge fight about victim-blaming.

Basically, he's a member of the feminist women are man-haters and are too sensitive.  I'm not in that group.  We've had some fights before, but last night just sucked.  He wouldn't listen to anything I said but name called anyway.  Seriously, it was "I'm not listening to what you're going to say because you're being stupid".  It was so horrible.  When he finally listened to what I was saying line-by-line, he agreed with it.  But not in the context we were discussing (read: yelling) so that means I'm moronic.  What?

I stopped talking to him. I'm not one who can just forget immediately, while he can just move on. He left late for work because he wanted to try and make up, but he sees that he did nothing wrong and I'm stuck on his horrible fighting tactics.  We're probably not going to talk about it again because there is no resolving.

And it sucks so much.

In other horrible news, one of his friends is freaking out because life is not all about getting what you deserve.  He's been saying really mean things to his family and friends.  I've been emailing with him, but he suddenly went radio silent.  Which is an improvement over him lashing out at his friends for daring to be happy, but still not the best.  I can't do anything about it, but I'm still sad.

I had horrible dreams last night.  In one that lasted FOREVER, GC and I were arguing violently.  Do I remember the subject, no.  Can I guess?  Maybe.

And in the second one, I was in a horrible mood.  HORRIBLE.  And my sister shows up to my apartment with my niece.  I grab my niece's hand and we start walking up the stairs when my sister starts messing with my sandal so I can't really walk upstairs normally and start to fall.  So my niece falls and almost slips in between the steps so she'd fall basically a full story into the basement steps below.  My sister caught her by the arm, but it was a near thing and really horrible.

Just a perfect set up for a bad day.

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