Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I keep having these dreams.  Which are slightly disturbing to me as they are very, um, graphic.  And I've had two within a week and they feature the same character both times.  It can get a little awkward around that person now.  Dreams are weird yo.  It seems that I'm unable to let go of emotions felt during the night.

The mini-vacation was fun.  Driving sucked because Boom was tired and slept on the way up and then was ohmygosh sick on the way home.  So no radio, no conversation both ways.  That's a lot of quiet driving.  But to make up for it, I drank a lot.

I created a song list in Spotify that I just want to listen on repeat all day long.  Mellow.

There are a lot of work related trips coming up.  Not necessarily the most fun I've ever had, but hopefully not too painful.  It does mean going out to eat a LOT, which means ingesting a lot of calories.  I always try to order smart, but because I'm frequently poor it's sort of like "FOOD! FOOD!..... Oh my gosh FOOD!".  So I order what looks tasty and then eat way too much because of portion sizing.  I do plan to make more of an effort to get veggies this time.

I, Theodore, vow to get more veggies this time.

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