Friday, April 8, 2011

I realize there is a constant theme of frustration in my post.  Well, if you don't see it, just keep in mind I feel it.  I'm so damn frustrated.

Sigh.  It does no good to complain.  Even here.  Venting is no longer "venting".  It's more like a rice steamer, where letting off steam just cooks shit.  Not a great metaphor, but that's what you get.

In other news, I roller skated in my basement on Sunday night.  No one tell my apartment building manager.  I brought a broom and skated around a set of support poles.  It rocked.  I mean, I did crossovers for a good 20 minutes.  And that felt wonderful after a day of sitting on my ass.

I called an old friend last night.  It was really nice to chat with her because she was my closest friend in my life I think.  There is nothing we didn't talk about.  But she's never been good about calling and then she had a child, so she's REALLY not good about calling.  I was a little resentful of always having to make the first move so I boycotted.  And gave it up last night because it was awesome to hear her imitating a yooper orgasm.  You have not lived until you hear that.

Talking with her brought up some old feelings and I felt more like my old self last night that I have recently.  I think all the stress and crap was bringing me down more than I realized.  I did some cleaning and folded some clothes and danced to crap music and if felt like old times.  And it was pretty awesome.  Great night last night, doing nothing.

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