Thursday, March 31, 2011

I missed writing . But it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Mostly at work, stress and yelling and stress and shit-talking gossip and stress and drinking and stress.  Which is pretty sweet.  I keep my calm in a lot of situations at work, only to lose my shit when I get home.  So I guess that makes me average.

Have I mentioned roller skating is the shit?  Because of aforementioned stress, a coworker and our man friends went drinking.  Well, the man friends went out to dinner, coworker and I were drinking (with occasional food).  So coworker (whom I shall name Jazzer) and I decided to go roller skating! But first, more drinking!

We both only fell once, which is kind of a miracle considering the way we were throwing ourselves around that rink.  We even did that hold-hands-and-spin thing in the middle of the rink.  We were definately the coolest people in there... Obviously.  I mean, we're in our late twenties, drunk and surrounded by teenagers.  Poor, poor childeren.  When it came time for the couple skate I had decided to attempt to find a new thirteen year old boyfriend.  I didn't thankfully, but I came up with the greatest pick up line for the occasion.  Ready for it?

"I"m fully developed."

Oh it made me giggle.  Drunkenly.


  1. So, roller skating = hip feeling better?

    Your pickup line made me choke on my banana muffin. It was that good.

  2. My hip isn't really better, it's more that I'm sick of sitting around. Plus roller skating is fairly low impact... as long as you don't fall.