Friday, April 29, 2011

Ugh, blerg and argh.

Hip consultation appointment on Monday.  Wish me luck.  Well, wish me luck navigating a huge hospital complex.  That thing is big.

Work is painfully busy right now.  What with the upcoming tourist season.  Lots o' work to be done.  By the time noon rolls around I'm ready for a nap.

My hair is so pissing me off.  I ran out of my normal conditioner (Gentleman Caller likes to use A LOT more than necessary) and while the replacement is doing good things for my curls, it sucks for my greasy scalp.  So lots of ponytails, which tickle my neck which makes me itch which makes me turn all red and splotchy.

I ate like crap today.  Beef and bean burrito for breakfast with a side of carrot cake (sans frosting).  Then a donut.  Then another donut.  Then two chicken tenders.  And here we are.  I'm sure I'll have something really great for dinner.  OH!  We have a meatloaf in the fridge.  That is something great for dinner.  But I'm going to follow it up with peanut butter chocolate silk pie.  Yeah.....

Well on that happy note, I'm off to lift some weights.  Like my body.

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