Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh so very sleepy.  My sleep schedule has been off for over a week and this weekend didn't help things.

Friday went by pretty easily, minus the 5 minutes before 5:00 that my supervisor freaked out.  Such a treat to begin two days off.  I'm not going to lie, Gentleman Caller may have taken some attitude when I got home because of it.  Also because he's annoying when I'm trying to clean, but details...

Miss Candy wanted to go roller skating.  It is so damn HOT in the rink, both of us were dripping sweat by the end of the hour.

I had a wedding reception to go to on Saturday night.  There were also cupcakes to bake for Father's Day, more cleaning to be done and I wanted to fix my nails (black shattered left on for far too long).  However, my oldest sister needed help finding a dress for the wedding, so I spent a fair amount of time driving around with her.  She ended up not even wearing it that night.  I wasn't left me with much time after that, so I chose cupcakes over fixing my nails.  I hope my dad knows how much I love him.

The wedding reception was fun.  Apparently there was fighting and sad feelings I didn't know about going on with my sisters.  But whatevs, I made a new friend and had a blast.

Father's day was nice.  Simple.  We had a grilled turkey, sweet potatoes and fruit salad.  So yummy!  Apparently I was the only one to get my dad an actual unwrappable present, which was sad.  I'm sure they're going to get him something at some point.  I got him a bike seat.  Not the most exciting gift out there, but hopefully it will make riding more comfortable.

Hope y'all had a most enjoyable weekend.

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