Monday, June 13, 2011

So I bought a new purse.  It is an addiction.  But a super cute one!

I did the derby 101 session again this weekend.  Sweaty!!!  Nasty sweaty that makes my sports bra (that isn't exactly new) bleed it's dye onto my tank top.  What?  Caustic.  I had a lot of fun and while I might not have chatted the derby veterans up, I did at least talk to them.  Which is a lot to ask of someone exhausted from skating in circles for two hours.

The plan is to buy new skates this summer.  A friend who is equally excited about derby and I are going to go to a shop in Mad.  I'm not going to lie- super excited.  I feel like I could have done better at the derby 101 if I were able to move my ankles.

I'm reading The Horse Whisperer.  Mostly it makes me want to add "er" to words that already end in "er".  It looks shadierer over there.  The picture that is greenerer looks better.

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