Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My sister (let's just name her Gretel), whom had previously messed up her knee, messed up her knee again last night.  It's a lot worse this time.  She should have gone and gotten an mri the first time, but didn't want to pay for it.  Now it's incredibly painful and she doesn't have any help chasing her kid around during the day.  She's calling an orthopedic fella this morning.

It's my birthday tomorrow.  I've taken tomorrow afternoon off, but will probably spend it with my sister and niece.  We were supposed to go eat sushi and then pool party!  Now it sorta depends on Gretel's pain level.  Right now it's super high!  I was sort of late to the game of planning but that doesn't seem to matter now.

I'm not trying to sound emo, but I never have very high expectations on my birthday.  And no matter how fun the day is, I'm always a little sad.  I have no problem with the age thing, I'm pretty happy with how my life is going... But I just feel a little sad and act slightly more reserved.  Gosh this does sound emo.  Let me assure you I'm very capable of shrugging it off.

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