Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ohmygosh! Someone take my credit card from me!

I have gone on a spree today.  Maurice's had some stuff on sale (new dress-check, new cardis-check), I bought Gentleman Caller a birthday present (it was on sale!) and, oh yeah, a plane ticket to Denver.

This is on top of the four new shirts on Friday, anniversary present for Gentleman Caller and more Envirosax that were just toooo cute. 

Plus I'm covering all of rent this month.  Ugh.  That hurt.

But hey, GC and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary yesterday.  I had a post op doctor's appointment in Madison.  The big plan was to do the appointment (stitches out!), get dinner at my fav restaurant (Biaggi's) and come home for softball (not me, him).

Turns out when you eat at 1:00, you're not really all that hungry at 3:30.  We chatted about things to do and someone threw out going to Olbrich Gardens.  So beautiful!  It was lovely to walk around and he even held my hand once in awhile!!  GC is not big on pda and holding hands counts and yes it does suck, you are correct.  It was a really relaxing and just a plain ol' nice time.

Besides the fact that I was hanging out with my favorite person, I was so happy to be walking.  I'm 12 days post surgery and I barely limp.  I haven't pushed it because I am still healing, but Olbrich isn't small.  We walked most of it and I was just getting tired when we were back at the beginning.  But nothing hurt!  Which is freaking awesome.

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