Thursday, July 14, 2011

I love having crazy dreams.

Gentleman Caller has a friend who recently was married to a person whose personality I, um, conflict with.  Negative Nancy and her opinions of your life would cause conflict with you too I'm sure.  My dream last night made me into one of her bridesmaids.  And while I wasn't happy about catering to her demands, I was pumped to wear an ice blue dress.  Ice blue makes everything worth it.  All the ladies and gents were supposed to be there two hours early, I was an hour later and then I left!  I went home to play video games with GC and a friend.  So when I noticed the time, I sped the whole way there and got there 12 minutes after the ceremony started.  Nancy had two people outside the ceremony room who told me that if she ever saw me again, she would punch me in the face.  In the face!

I would only be too happy to never see her again.

In other news, Harry Potter midnight show tonight!  I'm going to let my enthuastic (read: dorky) nature shine through tonight and dress up.  It's not that I'm in love with Potter, I like it just fine but I just want to dress up for the fun of it.  We're talkin pleated skirt, knee socks, HP shirt and track jacket.  Obvs I'm going with friends and family, they're pretty much down with the dorky.

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