Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed about the hip thing at the moment.

Last night I played darts with some friends, music came on and I wanted to dance. So I did. But I'm limping today. It wouldn't be such a bad limp (and really, I'm probably the only one who notices) but I went roller skating this weekend, followed immediately by grocery shopping in crappy shoes. I was already limping from that and that's when I tried to dance for three freaking songs. It's such a damn downer.

Mayo sent me a huge packet for pre-registering. That started the worrying about insurance paying for it. Various family members have had surgery where insurance said they would pay for it, but then it wasn't covered for various reasons not previously mentioned. 

Oh anxiety! Welcome home.

It's already going to cost me a bundle. I have to go shopping; which is normally a great thing, but not so much when my list involves shower benches and leg slings and toilet lifter thingies.

I'm going to miss softball. And swimming. And will be limited on fishing. And what about all the awesome parks around here? Oh I can sit in them.

Did I mention I hate sitting still? Gentleman Caller hates to watch movies with me because I constantly hit the pause button to run into the kitchen for water, run to the bathroom, forgot some crafty thing somewhere and need to find it right then. Jeeze, if when I'm sitting at my desk I'm bouncing my legs (more often the right than the left, because that has started to hurt too).

What can ya do tho? Other than get used to the idea and get over it. Wait and wait and wait for the damn consultation.




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