Monday, March 7, 2011

I heart contradictions.  See name of blog.  I'm a big fan of wearing a flowy skirt with pink toenails & hauling my kayaks around on top of my jeep.  What goes better with guns & hunting than ruffle camo underroos (to go with my neon orange sports bra).  While working with manly-men in a manly industry, I love going in super femine clothes, but then taking charge & running things the way I want it done.

So it makes perfect to sense to me why I love roller derby.  It is so damn tough, but the ladies flount their lady-ness.  Short skirts & tights while wearing heavy duty knee/elbow pads & hemets?  Heck yes.  That is what drew me initially.  For a long time, I hadn't seen it in person.  I made due with the magic of tv & movies.  A&E made a reality show featuring TXRD (Hades Lady was a Bi-Otch!), Whip It and some other documentary about the Rat City Roller Girls.

It wasn't until the second time I went to see the Mad Rollin Dolls that I fell in love with the sport.  It's a sport.  They train, they compete, they're in it to win.  It's not just a show.  But it's still a show!

I would love to do derby.  I want to block the jammer.  I want to knock women off the track.  I want to wear fishnets & skate around in circles.  And I want to win.

Unfortunatly, I have a hip problem that would make it very easy for me to tear all the cartilage in my hip & be crippled for a good while.  I'm sure I'll talk about it in the future.  So right now my plan it to skate.  To learn to be a really, really good skater.  Which I will use later in my career as a roller derby enthusiast.

I even came up with a derby name I like.  Lush O'Kelly.

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