Monday, November 14, 2011

OMG I DIE!  Seriously the joy that THIS caused me.  I tried really hard not to climb the Ryan Gosling bandwagon, but damn it!  I fell off the non-Ryan Gosling wagon right onto it.  I need to do some breathing exercises.

I bought new roller skates!  And they suck!  Which isn't actually a bad thing.  See, skates are damn expensive.  So why spend a lot of money on skates that you don't like because you don't know what you like?  So I'm going to beat these skates to shit and see what I like/don't like.  And then buy even MORE expensive skates with that knowledge.  Not that the knowledge will pay for the skates, because it totally won't.  Knowledge is stingy.

I may however, buy new wheels and bearings for my new skates.  Cause the wheels I want are $60, the wheels that came on the skates are $6.  That's a bit of a difference.  Quality my friends!

Perhaps I should sell my ice skates.  I took lessons in high school and advanced... not very far.  I blame the rink being 45 minutes away.  Or that it cost a lot of money and I didn't love it.  I liked it well enough, but people involved were sooooo damn snobby.  I put up with that when I was younger, but that shit doesn't fly now.  Ew, flying shit.

Subject change!  I went out to dinner with my family (minus one sister) and had a really good time.  We went to a steakhouse I had gift certificates for.  And thank goodness!  We racked up a $180 bill.  Good for us.  And it only cost in really dollars - $38 for tip.  I do feel bad for using soooo much in gift certificates in one night, but not bad enough to stop me.  I feel for small business owners, so I go back and forth.  What tipped me over this time was the fact that they might close.  And then the certificates would be worthless.

Anyway, I ordered duckling.  And it was literally half a duck.  It was tasty, but man it was work.  So I switched with my dad who ordered a stuffed pork chop.  That was so much better.  The sauce was caramelized, by which I mean it was practically caramel.  Sugar city, ticket for one.

I'm pretty sure this is why I've gained 5 pounds.

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