Thursday, November 10, 2011

So I maybe, sorta bought some skates.  Well, not yet.  But I did order them.  And am anxiously waiting their arrival.  When I tried on a slightly-too-small pair, they felt awesome.  Maybe a little heavy, but so solid and like I could just cruise.  It was very exciting.

I have been driving to Madison sooooo much lately!  I love the town, it's amazing.  But driving there is so sucky.  And expensive.  And time consuming.  And encourages me to spend more money.  Between volunteering, doctor appointments and dental appointments, it really adds up.  And now I'm broke.

Good news tho!  My dentist guy for the tmj stuff is really, incredibly attractive.  Which makes it slightly more awkward when he's fitting headgear (omg did I feel STUPID) and shoving goo in my mouth for an impression.  Sounds dirty, and it was.  I was rubbing goo off my face for about an hour (he missed).

Hey, so it snowed.  And is very snowy.  With snow.  And the cold.  Lots of cold.  Do you need any cold or snow?  I have extra!

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